The Company
Rushab Pharmaceutical, Inc. was established on 1998 in New Jersey, USA. The company specializes in supplying Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Intermediates and Molecules for product manufacturing and development. Rushab Pharmaceutical, Inc. aims to collaborate with companies abroad and in the United States of America for joint venture projects. With a reputable client list and a prompt track record, Rushab Pharmaceutical, Inc. can only move forward.

The President
Mr. Rashmikant Kamdar, a born business man, had taken over his own family business in India before embarking to America for a higher standard of business success. After establishing a successful business in the Ship Breaking industry, Mr. Kamdar decided to diversify his entrepreneurial expertise into the pharmaceutical line.

Mr. Kamdar has successfully brought Rushab Pharmaceutical, Inc. to a highly reputable standard in the pharmaceutical industry with business relations ranging across the globe. With Mr. Kamdar’s strong business experience, there is no telling how high Rushab Pharmaceutical, Inc. will rise.

The Vice President
Mr. Rushab Kamdar, the eldest son of the founder, Mr. Rashmikant Kamdar, followed his father's footsteps by joining the family businesses, which were named after him. Raised in America, the younger Mr. Kamdar has integrated his cultural upbringing by adding modern technology, business structure and value to the family businesses, allowing for daily company operations to become easy and efficient.

Rushab Kamdar graduated from Drexel University with honors, earning degrees in International Business and Finance. He, like his father, was also educated in all aspects of the family business, including corporate management and international affairs. Fortunately, Rushab gained extensive experience under his belt after working in several financial companies in Corporate America before entering Rushab, Inc. This work experience, along with traveling across the world and briefly studying in London, England has resulted in Rushab bringing added value to Rushab, Inc. Since 2004, the year Rushab joined Rushab, Inc., the company has been on track towards attaining Rushab's goal of expanding the business even further and raising the bar to an ever limitless height.